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Judith Curry

  • Climate uncertainty monster: What’s the worst...
    by curryja on 11 oktober 2018 at 16:10

    by Judith Curry On possibilities, known neglecteds, and the vicious positive feedback loop between scientific assessment and policy making that has created a climate Frankenstein. I have prepared a […]

Climate Audit

Science of Doom

  • #CaliforniaKnew
    by scienceofdoom on 26 maart 2018 at 05:01

    Recent reports have shown that California knew about the threat of climate change decades ago. No one could have missed the testimony of James Hansen in 1988 and many excellent papers were published […]

Dr. Roy Spencer

AGW Observer

Polarbear Science

Real Climate

Climate Lab Book

  • Climate stripes for the UK
    by Ed Hawkins on 17 september 2018 at 08:00

    Following the ‘warming stripes‘ graphics for different locations around the world, this post focusses on the UK. The Met Office makes easily available long-running climate data from a […]



  • On Klimazwiebel
    by Hans von Storch on 18 februari 2017 at 13:52

    The discussion on the thread "hottest year on record" has moved away from the original topic and has focussed on the merits, and limits of this blog, the Klimazwiebel, which was set up in 2009.We ask […]

Jules and James

  • The bet - final outcome
    by James Annan on 15 oktober 2018 at 09:36

    You may be wondering what had happened with this. As you will recall, some time ago I arranged a bet with two Russian solar scientists who had predicted that the world was going to cool down. The […]

Science Bits