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Judith Curry

  • Week in review – science edition
    by curryja on 17 juni 2018 at 16:23

    by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week. Antartica’s ice melt has accelerated [link] Upcoming research by Jay Zwalley will buck the consensus and show Antartica is still […]

Climate Audit

  • WHO on Douma
    by Climate Audit on 26 mei 2018 at 01:21

    Jordan Peterson, a fellow Torontonian who is obviously not shy about challenging authority, recently cited the World Health Organization (WHO) on Douma chemical attacks as follows: WHO […]

Science of Doom

  • #CaliforniaKnew
    by scienceofdoom on 26 maart 2018 at 05:01

    Recent reports have shown that California knew about the threat of climate change decades ago. No one could have missed the testimony of James Hansen in 1988 and many excellent papers were published […]

Dr. Roy Spencer

AGW Observer

Polarbear Science

Real Climate

  • 30 years after Hansen’s testimony
    by gavin on 22 juni 2018 at 04:51

    “The greenhouse effect is here.” – Jim Hansen, 23rd June 1988, Senate Testimony The first transient climate projections using GCMs are 30 years old this year, and they have stood up […]

Climate Lab Book

  • Hay Festival
    by Ed Hawkins on 6 juni 2018 at 15:03

    Recently, I was lucky enough to speak at an event at the Hay Festival – one of the most famous literary festivals in the world. The Festival had paired up three environmental scientists with […]


  • GISS May global down 0.03°C from April.
    by Nick Stokes on 18 juni 2018 at 18:19

    The GISS land/ocean temperature anomaly fell 0.03°C last month. The May anomaly average was 0.82°C, down slightly from April 0.85°C. The GISS report notes that it is the fourth warmest […]


  • On Klimazwiebel
    by Hans von Storch on 18 februari 2017 at 13:52

    The discussion on the thread "hottest year on record" has moved away from the original topic and has focussed on the merits, and limits of this blog, the Klimazwiebel, which was set up in 2009.We ask […]

Jules and James

  • To Boulderly Go (and come back again)
    by James Annan on 18 juni 2018 at 20:13

    As I think was probably guessed, we were in Boulder recently. It was just a holiday this time, we didn't get closer to NCAR than the cafes in the mall at the bottom of the hill. There may be photos […]

Science Bits