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  • Climate Alarmism – UP TO ELEVEN!!!
    by charles the moderator on 21 mei 2019 at 01:00

    I be followin’ Willis on The Twitter yo.~ctm What's that you say? Polls reveal that people still haven't been fooled into thinking that carbon dioxide will kill us all? TURN THE ALARMISM UP TO […]


Die Kalte Sonne

  • Grüne Sahara alle 20.000 Jahre
    by redakteur on 20 mei 2019 at 05:30

    Pressemitteilung des Massachusetts Institute of Technology vom 2. Januar 2019: ———— A “pacemaker” for North African climate Study shows the Sahara swung […]

Carbon Brief


  • China’s Green Efforts Hit By Fake Data And...
    by bennypeiser on 20 mei 2019 at 08:54

    Local officials have devised creative ways to cover up their lack of action on tackling pollution China’s notoriously lax local government officials and polluting companies are finding creative […]

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