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Roger Pielke Jr.

  • Pielke on Climate #11
    by rogerpielkejr on 3 juni 2018 at 14:46

    Welcome to issue #11 of my occasional newsletter on climate and energy issues. As a reminder, my day-to-day research and teaching is focused on sports governance and various issues of science policy. […]

Climate Science Watch

Jos Cozijnsen

  • Interview on Ecosystem Marketplace – A New...
    by jc on 19 juni 2018 at 05:03

    Steve Zwick for Ecosystem Marketplace “Several European NGOs are experimenting with voluntary carbon markets to drive down greenhouse-gas emissions, often in cooperation with state and federal […]

Richard Tol

  • KNAW data policy
    by Richard S J Tol on 1 juni 2018 at 06:15

    Dear Professor van Dijck, In November 2017, Professor Jeffrey Harvey of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, a KNAW institute, was the lead author on a paper published in the journal BioScience. I […]

On Climate Change Policy

  • Back in September
    by adamwhitmore on 14 juni 2018 at 07:33

    As usual I will be taking a break from writing this blog for the remainder of the summer.  I will be back in the autumn. […]

Matthew Kahn

Economics of Climate (R. Tol)

Chris Hope

  • A new year’s new look at the birthday paradox
    by cwhope on 15 januari 2018 at 16:05

    If you are in a room containing 30 people, here is a good bet for you: Say that at least two will share the same birthday (day and month, not necessarily year). You will win the bet over 70% of the […]